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American Royalty
Sioux Chief High Bear

Oil on panel
24" x 24"

© Robert Bucknell 2024

Bronze Award for Figurative Painting
Camelback Gallery - 2024

High Bear was a Lakota Sioux Chief born in the mid 1800’s.  This original oil painting is a derivative of the black and white photo by Heyn & Matzen copyrighted in 1900 which is registered with Library of Congress under the public domain.  We believe this is the same Chief High Bear who was part of a contingency of Indians who were on their way to join the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and were involved in a tragic train wreck.  I chose to paint this man because the expression on his face really struck me and I felt it revealed a lifetime of harsh realities and injustices he had probably faced.  I hope my interpretation does Chief High Bear’s memory justice.


AVAILABLE at The Genoa Gallery

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